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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Gentle Dental Plan? 

The Gentle Dental Plan is a licensed discount medical plan offered through participating Gentle Dental Plan providers.  The participating Gentle Dental dentists in your area have agreed to charge plan members a discounted rate for dental services rendered in their office. To become a member and access the discounts, you must purchase an annual membership at the low annual fee. Gentle Dental is not insurance.. There are no claim forms to submit or waiting periods for those services you need right away. You may use the plan as often as you would like.

How does the Gentle Dental Plan work? 

Access to the Genlte Dental Plan is simple. Once you become a member of the plan by enrolling at the dental office, plan website or by phone, you may begin using the plan immediately.  Along with the low yearly membership fee, Gentle Dental Plan includes evaluation at no charge and reduced fees for X-Rays and procedures. Essentially, the plan pays for itself after the first day of use. Discounts are applied at the time of service and patients pay the discounted fees directly to the dental office for all dental services provided. Gentle Dental Plan is not insurance, therefore, there are no exclusions, limitations, or maximums that apply. There are no claim forms to submit, and no waiting periods for any dental services.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Single individuals, domestic partners, married couples and their dependents are eligible. Dependents are eligible up to the child’s 26th birthday. Membership may be continued for a dependent over the age of 26, if the dependent is incapable of self-sustaining employment because of developmental or physical handicap. Parents or guardians who would like to enroll children or dependents on their own plan may do so. LIVING IN the SAME HOUSEHOLD

Who accepts the Gentle Dental Plan?

Active plan members can use their plan membership at any affiliated Gentle Dental office. A list of the dental offices that accept the Gentle Dental Plan may be accessed through the plan website, or by calling a Customer Service Representative directly at 1 (800) 903-2532 Monday – Friday from 5am-5pm PST.

How soon can I start using my plan?

Once you have enrolled in the plan and your payment has been successfully processed, you may begin using the plan immediately. The quickest way to enroll is through the Gentle Website (www.gentledentalplan.com) and clicking Join Now, or by contacting a Gentle Dental Customer Service Representative at 1 (800) 903-2532. We can enroll, process your payment and provide you with your membership ID number within 3-5 minutes. You may also enroll at a participating dental office or by U.S. mail.

How often can I use the plan?

You may use the plan as often as you wish. There are no limits on how often you and your family can use the dental plan as long as your membership is active. As a Member you will pay the discounted fee to the dental office for the services provided.

How long is the membership active?

Your Gentle membership is active for 1-year. The 1-year lasts 365 days from the enrollment date. Gentle memberships do not automatically renew at the end of their term. We do not keep your credit card information on file. All Members will be notified via U.S. mail, email and by phone prior to their membership termination renewal date of their option to renew.

Can I add additional family members on to the plan at a later date?

Yes, family members may be added to the plan at any time.  If you sign up for “Family Plan,” all members of your immediate family currently living in your household can take advantage of the discounts. This may be done through the website, or by calling a dedicated Gentle Dental Plan Customer Service Representative at  1 (800) 903-2532. Please note, the new member(s) added will keep the same termination date as the subscriber regardless of when the member was added. Add-ons are not  permitted online if it is within 90 days of plan renewal. Please contact us at 1 (800) 903-2532 to process the add-on. If adding a member to the plan changes your plan type, you simply pay the difference. The difference in price is as follows:

Individual Plan upgrade to a 2-Individual Plan           Amount Due: $20

Individual Plan upgrade to a Family Plan                     Amount Due: $40

2-Individual Plan upgrade to a Family Plan                 Amount Due: $20     

What if I already have insurance?

The program provides discounts for services or treatment that may not be covered by your dental insurance plan. If you have dental insurance, you should discuss with your participating dental provider if the Gentle Dental Plan is an option for you.

I just enrolled in the plan, will I receive ID cards?

You may print your membership cards immediately by logging in to the Member Portal from the plan website www.gentledentalplan.com). Once logged in, you will be able to view and print your membership cards. If you are unable to print your ID cards or encounter any difficulties accessing your account, please contact us at 1 (800) 903-2532 and we will be happy to mail a card to you.

Can I use the Gentle Dental Plan at any dentist?

The dental provider must be a participating provider in the Gentle Dental Plan. A list of dental offices that accept the plan may be viewed on the plan website or by calling a Gentle Customer Service Representative at 1 (800) 903-2532.  You may select any participating provider from the network and may change network providers at any time.

Can the Gentle Dental Plan be used when traveling in another state?

Yes, patients can visit a participating office in any state. To find an office while traveling, please use the plan website under the Find A Dentist page.

What if I am referred out to a specialist?

You will receive the Plan discounts by going to a participating provider. Please verify with the office if they are referring you to a specialist to confirm if they are a participating provider.

Can I be denied participation in this plan?

No, there are no restrictions on participation, regardless of your age or conditions which existed prior to your enrollment.

How do I get additional ID cards for my family members and/or replacement cards?

Gentle Dental Plan members can login to their online account. Within the Members Services page, membership ID cards can be re-printed and upgrades to add-on additional members may be processed. If you do not have access to a computer or printer, please contact us at 1 (800) 903-2532 to request additional or replacement ID cards.

How do I cancel my plan?

You will have forty-five (45)) days after joining to cancel your plan and receive a refund of your enrollment fee.  However, no cancellation will be permitted if you or any eligible family member received discounted services from a participating dentist during this 45-day period. If you cancel, you will be charged a $15.00 processing fee, which will be deducted from your refund.

To receive your refund, please submit a written request for the refund to The CDI Group and return all identification cards.

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